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The Exchange students were invited to Gorščica cabin by our Rotary Club. In order to get to the cabin we had to hike up a trail in the rain. I wasn't thinking so that same day I wore brand new white tennis shoes :( Some students hitched rides with Rotarians that drove by us, while the rest of use made it our goal to reach it to the top on our own. When we arrived we participate with the Rotarians in their annual Rotary BBQ competition. There we cooked weenies and they roasted two whole pigs. It was sad when they chopped the heads off. We goofed off in Jonah's hammock, played baseball with some rotting apples, and played with some kittens walking around. It was also Abby's 18th birthday so we all celebrated with her.

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Eat the corn. During the Summer season there are corn vendors all over the center. I recommend get it grilled with salt not boiled.
The real MVP

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Museum of Broken Relationships

As I laid in bed and watched New Girl I had the sudden craving for Mexican food. So like any logical thinking person I called up my friend and turned the craving into reality. Afterwards we visited the Museum of Broken Relationships. One of the most interesting museums I've ever visited. The museum covered all types of relationships not just those between lovers. Each item came with a story that made me laugh, broke my, or just made me think about my own. I hope one day I have an item that is worthy of being apart of the exhibit. I'd give it 5 stars on Yelp.

Afterwards we walked around upper town and stumbled upon an outdoor science-art exhibit. We were able to interact with each project. One allowed us to hear what people were searching on the internet when you waved your hands over the stands. Another was robot arms the hugged you back when you hug hard enough (perfect invention for those lonely nights). The most interesting one was this black ball in the center of the room. You would put on a helmet and go a trippy ride that messed with your senses as you tried to focus on the orb.90_IMG_1660.jpg90_IMG_1668.jpg90_IMG_1674.jpg90_IMG_1672.jpg90_IMG_1677.jpg90_IMG_1669.jpg90_IMG_1676.jpg90_IMG_1665.jpg90_IMG_1675.jpg

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Cres or Stress


Went to Cres island and participated in a trecking event. It was supposed to be a 10-13k but ended up being an 18k. I was tired afterwards but it was worth it because I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Mama came in 6th out of all the women and Emir 11th out of the men. Emina and I were 51 and 52 (40%). Also on our way home we found out Din got 1st place in his gymnastics competition. That day we were all winners
In order to get to the island we had to take a ferry boat.
As we were driving home, we made a stop to a small beach Emir would go to with his cousin and mom as a child

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To conclude the fun trip in Medulin and Pula Emir took me to Motovun, a beautiful village located on a hill.IMG_5344.jpgIMG_5356.jpgIMG_5361.jpgIMG_5362.jpgDSCN0275.jpgDSCN0279.jpgIMG_5365.jpg270_IMG_5376.jpg

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