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Cavemen, Kingsmen, and Iron Man?

Day two with the exchange students we went to the caveman museum in Krapina. The museum was built where the first cavemen remains were found. While there we watched a 20min video about what life was probably like for cavemen, walked through time, posed with the statues, and learned about history. It was very educational. They had this cool ice floor that cracked every time you stepped on it, and, of course, I decided to breakdance on it.
Next we went to Veliki Tabor and took a tour of a mid-age castle. One the way there I fell asleep because I was still tired from waking up at 7 am. The castle was pretty cool. Almost nothing was original so it became a game asking the tour guide what was.
Us: Is this the original.....
Tour Guide: No, but this is what we assume it looked like
Us: Is this the original.....
Tour Guide: Not really because we had to reconstruct it
At least two of the door frames were original, though. We also learned this cool story about the art on the furnace. Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful girl who had a crappy witch mom that cursed her to have two mermaid tails. Every weekend the girl would have to hide away in the water because the tails would reappear. Of course, there was a handsome prince who stumbled upon her one day and was so taken with her beauty that he had to marry her. But the marriage came with conditions. They would get married and have children if every weekend the prince left her alone and never asked where she was going and what she was doing. Years later the prince's lonely brother was jealous that his wife had left him and his brother was happy with a beautiful wife and two sons. So one day he went up to his brother and tricked him into spying on his wife by saying "what do you think she's doing every time she goes off?" Curious the prince followed his wife and saw her two tails. He was shocked and felt betrayed that he was lied too, and she was upset that he did not trust her and went against his word. So she turned into a dragon and left him. No joke that's the story. Later we went to the dungeon and had some fun. One could say 50 Shades of Grey?
Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant and had some awesome food and met this precious creature. It was a really tasty lunch and the platter looked a lot nicer before we attacked it. I would say it was the best part of the day because I saw 4 dogs. There was also a petting zoo with goats, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, and pigs. When feeding the goats they would do a cute nibble on your finger. One of the goats bit Kat, so that was the highlight of my day. One of the pigs was so enormous that it could barely see because it had a fold of fat covering its eyes. The other pig was getting too hot so he decided to cool down by rolling in the mud pile. As we were leaving, we stumbled upon a vineyard and tasted some really juicy grapes.
This day was very long and tiring and still was not over because we had to go on a tour of Varazdin. Varazdin used to be the capital of Croatia until many fires occurred. I had already been here, but it was nice to see some new things. We got to look inside the local cathedral and learn some more history. Interesting thing is there is a small Iron Man statue that indicates a blacksmith's workshop .We also met the Rotarians and they bought us cake and ice cream. All was going smoothly until we left and someone accidently broke a glass. It was a great day I saw many dogs and one was a puppy sleeping in its owner's arms.

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