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More Art

Today we decided to another Art Gallery and it was pretty nice. I can't remember the man's name, but he was a huge art collector and when he passed he decided to donate all his art to a building in Zagreb.
I love how with most art from the past the babies always look like grown men with baby bodies. I took a picture of the two baby heads cause I felt it symbolized me in an odd way.

Later we went to get Chinese food and it was kinda cold so Din had to bundle up. I also tried fried bananas for the first time and they were pretty bomb. I did burn my tongue on them though so that sucked.

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Meet Up

Had my first basic Rotary meeting today and afterwards got together with three other exchange students for dinner. Culture shock is eating a pizza with peas and corn on it because it's considered a topping for vegetarian pizza. Later we got ice cream, walked through the street filled with all the cafes, and were serenaded by two men in window sills. Also that night I got lost for the first time and a little old lady (who I thought was gonna jump me) called me lijepa (beautiful). I think she just really wanted to touch my hair.

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What I've Learned

Yesterday concluded my first week in Croatia and I've learned a few things:
1. Everyone is so nice and they make feel apart of the family
2. Din is the family beba (baby)
3. Baka Seca is the sweetest person ever
4. They eat a lot of bread and I feel like I've already gained weight
5. It's better to try to speak in Croatian than say nothing at all
6. Blogging is hard and I'm doing my best. Also I have no clue who is looking at these
7. I'm not gonna lie I miss friends and family, but I'm glad I'm doing this on my own
8. There is no such thing as too many cafes or parks
9. There are not many black people. I've seen 10 (I'm keeping track)
10. Croatia is freaking beautiful and Volim ga ovdje

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Birthday Girl

Today was Baka Seca's 80th birthday so it was nice to celebrate with her. Baka is such a caring grandmother and she even helps me to learn Hrvatski. I'm doing my best to learn so I can communicate with her better. She's like most grandmothers because she always tries to feed me. The difference between her and my own grandma is I can't say no.
Please excuse my weird expression in the Mc D's pic. It was a relaxing day and later we went to Mc Donalds. Vedrana said we had to captivate this moment because it was my first time having Mc Donalds with them and in Croatia. The food is the same, but they have a different type of McFlurry called Napolitanke.

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Sunday Funday

Went to the mall to get a new chip for my phone so I can make calls in Croatia. The mall hangs unmentionables and other clothing from above in order to make people feel more comfortable.
BBQ for the first time with my host father. We grilled Ćevapi, which is a Balkan recipe made of lamb meat. I'd give it 4 out 5 stars on taste.
Later we went to Vedrana's Playground Cafe. The cafe is meant for parents to have a cafe they can take their kids and relax. We had some cake and coffee while a photographer took some pics to promote the place. Vedrana gained model status and the kids running around playing also got their 15 minutes of fame. One idea I have is to get a gate for the back patio; the kids enjoy running into the street when they play.

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