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Festival- Recap

It was a very exciting day and the only bad parts were my contact fell out and some lady walked in on me in the bathroom. The cafe should invest in locks. Din and Vedrana got my name engraved into a heart keychain and it became a new memory for my blazer. Also how could I forget this impressive caged cock at the Renesasni Festival.

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Festival- Pt. 2

On our way to the next festival, I fell asleep in the car. I was running on 6 hours of sleep because the night before I started watching How to Get Away With Murder. This festival was less extravagant as the other but was still fun. The main attraction was the old castle that was turned into a museum about it. Surrounding the castle were giant man-made hills that were meant to guard it against attacks. Din and his friend Noah climbed up the hill and Emir got some pretty dope shots of them. Inside the castle were cannons, a well in the center, and some cool statues. Din being 9 started to pick the statue's nose. It was kinda funny though.
While walking Emir told me to look between two buildings. I thought that was pretty sketchy cause from the angle I was looking it looked like nothing and I felt I was gonna get jumped if I went down the alley. To my surprised instead of some gang, there were angels hanging from the walls. There also was very angelic music playing. The angels were blocked with a gate covered in locks from lovers. It's not as extreme as the owe in Frankfurt, Germany but it still magnificent. I couldn't help but wonder if the people who put those locks there ever broke up and would someone remove their lock after the relationship ended. Either way it's still a nice metaphor for love.
We walked around some more looked at all the vendors, had great sladoled (ice cream), and took some fun pictures.

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Renesasnia- Mjesto za kampiranje

Stopped by the farmers market and got some delicious šljive (plums). I learned that every market has a sink that is used to wash the fresh produce.
We made our way to the actual festival where we stepped up to the haystack and pitched a green bumpy apple to dunk some guy. We also tried archery Din and Emir were great always hitting two pts. on the target. I never hit the target and my excuses are I have terrible aim and the guy giving instructions was speaking in Croatian.
We watched two men fight each other with lances and all I could think was "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." They had a makeshift carousel, a home for the lepers, and miniature horses. The place was filled with local vendors selling pottery, jewelry, and food. Plus a couple girls were squishing grapes to make wine. I say we go back to that process because who doesn't like the taste of feet lingering in their mouth?
Finally, we decided to sit down and eat something. There was rotisserie cow and they grilled the fish so that the fat drained from it. The "King" was also given his very own feast with live music. The band was either from Turkey, Bosnia, or Serbia and they sounded so cool. I was bummed cause I ran out of space on my phone and couldn't take a vid. As we left we learned that we basically snuck into the festival and forgot to pay :D. Oops.

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Renesasni Festival- Parada

This was an eventful day and I don't apologize for the spam

A couple hours later we went to Renesasni Festival in Koprivnica. Men, Women, and children all over Europe come to participate in a reenactment of the mid age. The "King" and "Queen" graced us with their presence and the video link shows an amazing spectacle with geese. A couple dozen teens kept a sick beat on the drums and were accompanied by trumpeters and two guys on the bagpipes. All the weapons were legit. There were crossbows, spears, swords, and axes. The flags they carried were from Turkey, Serbia, Denmark, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and many more. Another cool part was the chick who look kinda like Xena Warrior Princess. The best part to me was the mid-century, beggar. He didn't end up with the money he wanted, but hey beggars can't be choosers ;)

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Ridin Dirty

We went to Emir's riding practice with him and got the chance to actually ride the horse. This graceful horse's name is Cana and she is 4months pregnant. I learned horses stay pregnant for at least 11months, sooo that's kinda long.
Din took the pictures from today, and we all can say he is an amazing photographer. This fantastic picture of a spider eating a butterfly and me pondering about life in Hrvatska are just two examples.

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