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Art Pavilion

Took a small visit to the Auguste Rodin sculpture exhibit. Saw his amazing bronze sculptures and learned he was the one who sculpted the Thinker. He also fantastically sculpted one of the levels of Hell from Dantes Inferno. Outside the pavillion was another beautiful park. Also saw some PDA but hey it's Europe.

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We took a car up a hill to get this amazing view of the City of Zagreb. Emir, my host father, showed me the spot where a Croatian revolutionist was executed. He was executed with a burning hot crown placed on his head. Cruel and oddly similar to Game of Thrones.
We walked down the streets of Medveščak and I learned that all the cafe bars used to be old houses in Zagreb. Later I showed everyone how to make s'mores. I wish I got pictures of how fascinated they were with burning the marshmallows. They find them very sweet and Din, my host brother, loves them a lot.

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Located in Zagreb Center are multiple cafes. It is very different from home, for there is one at every turn. Lamija challenged me to order on my own. I was soso and it will be a while till I order on my own again ;D
Afterwards, we took a stroll through one of the beautiful parks in the center. Later we went to the police station to get my residency for Zagreb. It was less exciting, very loud, and I don't want t go back. Too many crying babies.

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Zagreb Square

Took a small tour of the center with Lamija. The second picture is of a Croatian military officer, Ban Jelačić. The square is also named after him.
We also visited the Cathedral of Zagreb. I was told that the Cathedral is never completed. When one roof finished the other always needs renovating. Inside everyone is hush hush, praying, and some pay their respects for the deceased by lighting candles.

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First Day

On August 25th, I arrived in Zagreb. Upon my arrival, Lamija showed me around one of the largest parks in Zagreb. Makismir Park is made up of 5 large lakes and the Zagreb Zoo is also held within it. Soon Lamija will be in New York for her exchange and I wish her the best of luck ;)

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