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This weekend Emir and Emina took me down to the coast for the time and it was awesome. We arrived at night and hung out at the beach bar for a bit but we were tired from the drive and Emina and I had episodes of New Girl to finish.

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Cavemen, Kingsmen, and Iron Man?

Day two with the exchange students we went to the caveman museum in Krapina. The museum was built where the first cavemen remains were found. While there we watched a 20min video about what life was probably like for cavemen, walked through time, posed with the statues, and learned about history. It was very educational. They had this cool ice floor that cracked every time you stepped on it, and, of course, I decided to breakdance on it.
Next we went to Veliki Tabor and took a tour of a mid-age castle. One the way there I fell asleep because I was still tired from waking up at 7 am. The castle was pretty cool. Almost nothing was original so it became a game asking the tour guide what was.
Us: Is this the original.....
Tour Guide: No, but this is what we assume it looked like
Us: Is this the original.....
Tour Guide: Not really because we had to reconstruct it
At least two of the door frames were original, though. We also learned this cool story about the art on the furnace. Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful girl who had a crappy witch mom that cursed her to have two mermaid tails. Every weekend the girl would have to hide away in the water because the tails would reappear. Of course, there was a handsome prince who stumbled upon her one day and was so taken with her beauty that he had to marry her. But the marriage came with conditions. They would get married and have children if every weekend the prince left her alone and never asked where she was going and what she was doing. Years later the prince's lonely brother was jealous that his wife had left him and his brother was happy with a beautiful wife and two sons. So one day he went up to his brother and tricked him into spying on his wife by saying "what do you think she's doing every time she goes off?" Curious the prince followed his wife and saw her two tails. He was shocked and felt betrayed that he was lied too, and she was upset that he did not trust her and went against his word. So she turned into a dragon and left him. No joke that's the story. Later we went to the dungeon and had some fun. One could say 50 Shades of Grey?
Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant and had some awesome food and met this precious creature. It was a really tasty lunch and the platter looked a lot nicer before we attacked it. I would say it was the best part of the day because I saw 4 dogs. There was also a petting zoo with goats, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, and pigs. When feeding the goats they would do a cute nibble on your finger. One of the goats bit Kat, so that was the highlight of my day. One of the pigs was so enormous that it could barely see because it had a fold of fat covering its eyes. The other pig was getting too hot so he decided to cool down by rolling in the mud pile. As we were leaving, we stumbled upon a vineyard and tasted some really juicy grapes.
This day was very long and tiring and still was not over because we had to go on a tour of Varazdin. Varazdin used to be the capital of Croatia until many fires occurred. I had already been here, but it was nice to see some new things. We got to look inside the local cathedral and learn some more history. Interesting thing is there is a small Iron Man statue that indicates a blacksmith's workshop .We also met the Rotarians and they bought us cake and ice cream. All was going smoothly until we left and someone accidently broke a glass. It was a great day I saw many dogs and one was a puppy sleeping in its owner's arms.

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Plitvice National Park

Today was the first trip all the exchange students would be going on together. Minus one because Riley had just gotten out of the hospital and still needed to rest.
The drive was at least 4hours so we decided to grab some coffee in a beautiful small village. We were all cramped into this kinda small bus as we made our way to Plitvice to see many amazing waterfalls. But we made the best of the situation and had a mini party.
IMG_1418.jpgF7388A43FCC36E3B4063606BF40B4787.jpg11885203_4..015777136_n.jpg90_IMG_1425.jpg90_IMG_1405.jpg90_IMG_1408.jpgIMG_1640.jpgDSCN0131.jpg 90_F941BACBA89A46B3E2637F217D80EA73.jpg
When we arrived we took a ferry across a lake so we could get to the side with all the waterfalls. Everything looked like a fairytale and the water was so clear you could make out every shape. Abby and I tried to catch the fish with our bare hands like in Mulan, but it was a failed attempt. Oh well there's always next time ;). It was a nice climb to each view, but I did trip a lot cause there were many awkward steps.
On the ferry back we befriended a very cute baby and gave a royal wave goodbye to the other people visiting the lake. We then went to a restaurant and had some amazing fish. I believe one day I will make a great surgeon because I was able to cleanly take the bones out my fish. We were given 4 bottles of water for the 12 of us, and that day we learned the meaning of struggle. During lunch, we continued our game of "What Are the Odds" and Abby had this very passionate kiss with the fish head. For dessert, we had amazing apple strudle. I also say
We were tired by the end of the day and on the ride home most of us fell alseep. Also today I boutgh a new friend for my blazer, and I met a really cute one eyed stray kitten.

P.S. I got lost again on my way home.

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First Day... of School

I usually dread starting school again, but something about being the new kid makes it more interesting. My first day was great and went a lot better than I thought. I walk into the class and all eyes are on me cause it's obvious I'm not from here. I sit down and quietly observe the class and everyone seems to be close friends with each other. Every time a different student walked in they all yelled and laughed. Later during homeroom I introduced myself in English and then in Croatian. I got applause from them so I'd say I'm pretty in there ;). But everyone was super friendly they helped me learn the schedule, asked me about myself, and also helped teach me new words in Croatian. My favorite part of the day was when homeroom ended and one by one people came up to me shook my hand and introduced themselves. It was a funny process of shake, their name, my name, I repeat their name back to them, and then I forget it and shake the next hand. Here they take a total of 15 classes so it's kinda overwhelming. I take English, Croatian, Math (Trig), Physics, Chemistry, Art history, Music history, History, Geography, Ethics, Logics, Sociology, Phycology, Spanish, and Gym.

I've been in school for about 4 weeks now and I'm glad I was able to charm these people and I have made some awesome new friends. We hang out at cafes a lot and they offer to help me with classes. When I get time I can't wait to actually go dancing with them. My Croatian has been improving with them and I also started language school 2 weeks ago.

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Last Day of Summer

Last night we picked Emina my host sister up from the airport. She came back from some Science trip in Portugal. It was my first time meeting her and I was quiet and slightly shy.
The next day Mama, Emir, Emina, and I went out on a walk through a park with Miša (my host dog) and she looked so free. Her name basically means mouse in Croatian. While walking through the park, I witnessed two girls horseback riding, many beautiful dogs, and this slug that look it was on steroids. At first glance I thought it was pinecones. Lastly, I swear that every park here looks like the Enchanted Forest.
Later that night we all worked together to try and finish the 1000piece puzzle. I up till midnight working on it by myself even hough I knew I had school the next day. I didn't finish until the morning with the help of Din and his friend. Took 5 days to finish her and I'd proudly like to say I will probably never do this again.

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